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What types of employment-based immigration cases do you handle?

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so our firm handles almost the entire

Universe of employment-based immigration

we do not take on eb-5 cases which are

cases for uh people looking to invest

large amounts of money in the United

States but short of that we handle all

types of immigrant-based uh employment

immigration so that’s a fancy way of

saying we help people get green cards

based on their employment and we handle

all of the uh non-immigrant types of

employment-based immigration so there

are letters usually associated with Visa

types you may hear in in the media H-1B

or o1a or P1 so any of those

non-immigrant visas that have a letter

before them are types of cases that we

handle and of course outside of that we

help employers and employees navigate

the so-called perm process which is the

joint process of employment-based

immigration that is uh handled initially

by the U.S Department of Labor and then

secondarily by USCIS

Philadelphia, PA immigration attorney Alex G. Isbell discusses the types of employment-based immigration cases he handles.

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