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Los Angeles, CA complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher talks about cases where employees are often cheated by their employers on not receiving fair pay for breaks at their job.

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California, and other states around the country, have laws that are designed to ensure that people are paid, paid properly, and that there are standards within the workplace that are followed. You get rest breaks, you get a meal break. And there’s reasons for that. Studies show very clearly that there’s safety issues, there’s health issues, there’s awareness issues, and people need those kind of breaks.

And unfortunately, what a lot of employers do is they deny or refuse employees those opportunities. You can’t take a break, or if you’re on a break, you have to have your phone. You have to answer the phone calls. You have to be on guard. You have to come back to respond to an issue, particularly security guards, for instance. If you’re gonna do that to an employee, the employer has to pay them, and has to pay them fairly. And unfortunately, too often, employers cheat the employees, and so wage an hour cases are cases where you’re bringing it on behalf of those employees to ensure that they are fully and completely compensated as they should be.

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