Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements Attorney in New York, New York

Can you tell us about a memorable prenuptial agreement case?

NYC family law attorney Bernard Clair shares the story of a memorable prenuptial agreement case.

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i can only tell you


cases that have already been attached to

my name

because of

the press and the media having picked up

on my representation so i’m no longer

required to maintain confidential

or confidentiality

i represented

jocelyn wildenstein she was the bride of

wildenstein she was called

you might have

remembered her

because of

the plastic surgery claims against her

we settled the case ultimately


let me tell you

a couple things

number one

she interviewed

every divorce lawyer in the city


did i

get it

i got it because she generally did

this she had the divorce lawyer over to

the townhouse

on 64th street and then

she would give a tour of the townhouse

we went down to the basement with the

built-in pool

and the aquarium on three sides of the


we saw the monkey

because she was a great animal lover in

the tube that went all the way up to the


we saw the constellation

uh the concave roofs uh uh at the uh top

of the swimming pool then we went

upstairs to the bonnard

uh blue room the paintings of of bernard

we went up to the it doesn’t matter

i was so

uninformed and i was so


that i failed to do what every other

divorce lawyer in this city did

which was they had their mouths drop

oh my god

the pool

the bonnard room

the conference tables

i turned to her

i don’t know

15 minutes into the tour i said excuse



i’m here

when are we going to talk about your


she told me later that that’s why she

selected me i went into court with her


the guys

who i um passed as well as the women

said burn

you have a career defining case now

you’ve made it i said what are you

talking about


again didn’t understand

the impact of her second i represented

most recently

just pre-peda a pandemic

judith giuliani

the mayor’s wife the case ultimately


right before covet hit december

with the help of

the judge who said

mr giuliani i don’t understand why

you’re not settling

i’m nodding my head


don’t you understand that claire is

going to get you on the stand

with the press behind him and you’re

going to be

asked x y and z

and you’re going to have to give answers


that was the uh impact

in that case

and again

it was lost but

i deposed mr giuliani

for five sessions in my office in those

years uh pre-pandemic it was in person

now it’s all remote

i remember

that at one point

rudy giuliani leapt out of his chair

basically at me


that i would back up

i didn’t i don’t know what happened

because i’m a

a fighter a street fighter i guess

but i went forward

and he went back after getting out of

his chair that was the moment when we

locked eyes and i knew that i had won

the case

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