High Net Worth Divorce Attorney in New York, New York

What is your experience in handling high net-worth cases?

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i have

my personal experience and

the courtroom experience

my personal experience is that no matter

how much money someone has no matter how

much fame

someone has

it doesn’t matter because

as my father used to say may he rest in


they put their pants on the same way

every morning as you do

and that has been a saving grace for me

throughout the years where in this

conference room or in my office i’ve

dealt with

many hundreds of high-profile people

it’s different in court

because in court

pre-covered and i’ll tell you what my

is post covert but pre covid which was

three years ago

and beyond


oftentimes most times i should say

treated high net worth clients


you got to the head of the class you got

to the head of the line

it didn’t matter when they came in to


they usually were heard at that point in

time and once you

were known as a

so-called celebrity divorce lawyer it

stayed with you and judges very often

dealt with you differently that said it


hold true anymore

because in manhattan particularly

we’re all remote

in brooklyn we’re mostly remote in the

bronx we’re a hundred percent remote

those are my major uh areas of expertise

although my firm has opened an office in

white plains westchester

to obtain

cases that

literally went north


and then north of manhattan

but what i’m getting at is


very very often

a court

would take a case out of turn if you


uh with a high celebrity uh or high

profile client


because we’re remote

it doesn’t change a thing

judges are

recognizing that you get on the screen

your client gets on the screen what the

hell difference does it make you’re on

the screen

and that’s it again i’m hoping that we

come back to the courtroom soon

we’re opening up a little bit in new


and manhattan

but again


not as quick as i would have imagined

NYC family law attorney Bernard Clair discusses his experience in handling high net-worth divorce cases.

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