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What is your approach to handling a property division dispute?

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the first thing that i i tell


who are

high profile

is that many of the

assets that they take for granted are up

for grabs by the other side meaning

that they often don’t uh believe that

their retirement accounts

or the accounts that they had prior to

the marriage but have been commingled

to the fairly well through the washing

machine of life

are now


up for grabs and that’s the first thing

the second thing is

that many of the

high-profile people

earn money in ways that you and i

don’t understand initially meaning they

get restricted stock units

they get um

equity stakes in their


they get a whole slew of assets that

again create a good deal

of money

for them

and you have to become

one with your client in understanding

what they’ve earned so

for two reasons the first is

you can’t represent someone if you don’t

know how they’ve earned money and number

two you can’t represent that person if

you don’t understand how they’ve made

money so that you can advise them


the other spouse’s

attempts to glob on

or to obtain

some degree of



NYC family law attorney Bernard Clair shares his approach to handling a property division dispute.

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