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Should I sign the non-compete that goes with my new job?

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That’s a real problem when you’ve been presented with the sign this non-compete or else you’re going to lose your job, and most people need the job so they end up signing the agreement. What you need to do is go in with your eyes open. Understand that you’re being asked to sign something that may very well come back later and be restrictive, and you need to think through that. You may feel you have no choice because you really need that job, and then you do what you need to do. And if you need to sign it we deal with it later. But if you find that maybe you’ve got other offers, or maybe you think this is so restrictive that you want to try to negotiate different terms, then be open to that. We can help you analyze your agreement and what options you have, but most importantly, take it seriously because these things do matter and they can cause problems.

Fairfax, VA employment attorney John C. Cook talks about how he can help a client navigate signing a non-compete agreement.

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