Harassment in the Workplace Attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

From a legal standpoint, when is the line between advance and assault crossed?

Fairfax, VA employment attorney John C. Cook talks about sexual assault in the workplace.

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Well an assault really is, is when you get to being touched. So when somebody is touching you in a sexual way you’re in an assault and battery situation. You know, that may be something minor like a touch on the shoulder, but if it gets into something more major that can quickly become a serious crime, and therefore actionable under the law. And sometimes it’s not clear where that line is. Sometimes it’s not clear whether the employer is legally responsible or not. But if it’s your supervisor and you’re in the workplace, or somebody is using the fact that you are working in order to accomplish that assault. The boss takes you in the back room or tells you, you must do something sexual in order to retain employment, now you’re into that realm where the employer may very well be legally responsible for that.

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