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Discovering Annuity Information

Minneapolis patent attorney Mark Stignani explains how a patent portfolio assists with discovery of information about annuities.

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A portfolio dashboard is an interesting tool to discover information about annuities. So why does it help us discover about annuities? Because what it does, it gives you every piece of quantitative information about that patent in one spot so you can make an annuity decision in the first place. So is this patent early enough in time to be relevant as a blocking patent somewhere else? Does it have an extensive family? Does it have counterparts that are supporting it in some way, either through a continuation or a divisional application, which is also extended family? But the thing that you have to have in front of you when making an annuity decision is how relevant is this patent to the rest of the portfolio. And the portfolio dashboard allows you to flip back and forth between, again, 10,000 foot view and 1 foot view of these patents in their perspective place in the portfolio, whether it’s by slice or portfolio as a whole. So that’s why the dashboard I think is a really powerful tool in discovering what an annuity is worth.

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