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Auction Audit Sheet – Key Issues to Address

Minneapolis patent attorney Mark Stignani discusses the important issues an audit action sheet should address.

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What are the key things an audit action sheet should address in summary? Well, number one, they should address what’s expiring so you don’t lose an asset that’s valuable at the time of the audit. It should also identify encumbrances. Do you have your assignments right? Is there a contractual issue that commits you to have a certain entity remain in existence or a certain owner or assignee remain in existence? It addresses timing. You know, should I file the patent this year or should I file this next year with some enhancements?

It should tell you a number of things as to when you should file and what relationship you should file between your trademarks, your copyrights, and your patents. And there’s a myriad of other issues that you can use both in a financial fiscal planning situation or from a marketing and branding situation, just so you know you don’t have a hole between your marketing, your technical protection and patents, your literary protection and copyrights, and any other contractual basis that you want to address. So it’s a holistic view.

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