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What are the benefits of the mediation process?

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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Lyle Griffin Warshauer talks about the benefits of the mediation process. Mediation offers significant advantages to the involved parties for various reasons. Firstly, it provides a more efficient resolution to cases, potentially reducing litigation expenses. The process involves bringing parties together with the objective of mutually resolving the case, especially concerning compensation. Mediation is distinguished by its capacity to foster creativity in finding solutions beyond monetary compensation. Parties can explore alternative resolutions that bring closure to the case, a feature not easily attainable within the court system.

A notable aspect of mediation is its flexibility, occurring at different stages of the case—whether early, midway, or just before trial. What distinguishes mediation is that the parties themselves dictate the timeline for case conclusion and the ultimate resolution. Unlike the court system, where decisions are made by strangers, mediation empowers the involved parties with the authority over resolution and decision-making, making it a highly valuable aspect of the process.

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