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How does the firm volunteer within the local community?

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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Lyle Griffin Warshauer talks about how her firm volunteers within the local community. The firm consistently encourages all its members, including the staff, to actively contribute to the community in diverse ways that go beyond their legal expertise. An illustrative commitment is the firm’s engagement with a local nonprofit, Second Helpings Atlanta, focused on food rescue and supporting the food-insecure in the community. Initially, the firm participated in rescue routes, with each member assigned a route, promoting active involvement. Over time, this commitment deepened, with one of the partners, Lyle Griffin Warshauer, assuming roles such as a board member, vice president, and interim president at Second Helpings Atlanta. While she will soon conclude her board service, the firm continues its dedication, both financially and through volunteer hours, involving the entire team. This underscores the firm’s commitment to various causes and encourages every member to participate in activities aligned with their individual interests.

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