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Why is it important for the firm to take on leadership roles in the Bar?

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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Lyle Griffin Warshauer talks about why it’s important for her firm to take on leadership roles in the Bar.  She considers it a crucial aspect of the firm’s ethos. When Michael and she founded the firm in 1996, their commitment extended beyond robustly representing clients. They aimed to contribute to the legal community and the broader society. Over the past 28 years, all firm members have been encouraged to take on leadership roles in the legal community, speak at events, engage in local bar associations, and participate in various volunteer activities. Notably, as a plaintiff’s firm, their active involvement in organizations such as the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association for Justice sets them apart. Michael and she have both served as presidents of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, with Natalie slated to assume the role in the coming years. This level of commitment is unique to their firm. While Michael has recently stepped back from leadership roles in both organizations, others within the firm are stepping up to continue the tradition.

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