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The Team Approach at Schmidt & Salita

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Stephanie Winter talks about working with her fellow co-workers and attorneys and how they compliment each other nicely in the workplace.

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Doug Schmidt, our Senior Attorney, and myself work the most closely together, so I’ve been training under Doug for quite a long time and so we work cases together and we make a good team, because I’m kind of the one that does the day-to-day contact with the clients, and the insurance companies, and the defense lawyers, and he’s a really good litigator. So we have different strengths, so we work quite well together. And then, now we have Dean Salita and Josh Laabs joining us, which has been wonderful, because it’s so nice to have four minds and run ideas off each other. We’re always kind of in each other’s office asking for ideas and helping each other on cases, so we really are a team.

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