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Nursing Home Malpractice

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney Stephanie Winter talks about working on various nursing home cases and the sadness involved.

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Yeah. So we have had quite a few nursing home cases and those are – I enjoy working on those. Again, they’re some of our sadder cases, but unfortunately, we live in, I think, a country, not just a state where a lot of the employees at nursing homes are making minimum wage and aren’t trained to take care of their older patients. Also, they work in nursing homes where there might be 20 patients to one person. So Doug and I worked on a case together where our client was transferred to a nursing home and his oxygen tank, unfortunately, went dry within a couple of hours of coming into the home, and so he passed away due to it. So again, those are really difficult cases, but ones that it really makes you feel good helping the family, you know, get some closure and deal with that difficult time in their lives.

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