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Claims Against Governmental Entities: Is is possible to bring a claim against a governmental entity like a city or a school?

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Governmental entities like cities, states, school districts are not immune from litigation. There is no sovereign immunity in Arizona. But on the other hand, there are some very limiting laws in place that affect the ability to bring such a claim. For example, a claim against a governmental entity in Arizona requires that a Notice of Claim be filed with that entity within 180 days of the time that the person knew or should have known of the negligence and suffers some damage. 180 days is not a very long period of time, and oftentimes people are still recuperating and aren’t ready to think about bringing a claim. We have people who come to our office, and that 180-day period has already passed, and the law prevents us from being able to help them. So while claims can be made against governmental entities, it’s important that if such a claim exists a person talks to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Phoenix, AZ personal injury attorney Jeffrey B. Miller talks about what’s important to remember if someone decides to bring a claim against a government entity.

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