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I think what makes our law firm different from others is that we have kind of a team approach to all of our litigation. We have a number of lawyers who combined have over 100 years of experience and within that experience can address the issues that come up in basically any type of personal injury case from a motor vehicle accident to a medical negligence case to a construction accident case to cases involving elder abuse and neglect. With the experience of that attorneys in the office we’re able to basically address any type of personal injury case that comes into the office.

In addition, the folks that we hire and the folks that have been part of our team for over a decade all have a lot of experience in those areas of practice. The paralegals that work on each of our teams have over 15 to 20 years of experience and each of them are involved in the team approach that we take to litigation.

The firm is unique in that it can cover basically any type of personal injury case. We have motor vehicle accident cases that we handle with our firm, trucking accident cases, bicycle accident cases, cases involving motorcycles. And then, we also have a branch of our firm that handles medical negligence cases from complex issues dealing with surgical issues to cases involving hospitalizations.

We also address elder abuse and neglect cases that can happen in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes. Basically, any type of personal injury case that involves catastrophic or a permanent injury is the type of case that we can handle in this office.

The level of service you can expect when you come in for your initial consultation ether by telephone or in person is that the attorney or attorney’s depending on the case, that you will meet them at the time of that meeting, that they’ll be intimately involved with your case, that you will know all the members of the team that are going to be helping prosecute a case from the legal assistants to the paralegals associated with the case. You can expect that you will know everything that occurs with your case before it happens.

We pride ourselves in giving folks information on the front end of the case so they can understand and have expectations so that we can meet those expectations as we pursue a particular case through litigation and through trial.

Phoenix, AZ personal injury attorney Gabe Kory talks about his firm, what makes it different and the level of service they provide to their clients.

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