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What is LEOSA and how do you help law enforcement officers deal with it?

Saugus, MA firearms attorney Jason A. Guida talks about the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) and how he helps law enforcement officers deal with it.

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Federal law allows individual retired law enforcement officers to carry their firearms across state lines without complying with the individual state licensing requirements. This law is called the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act. Its acronym is LEOSA. In order to obtain a LEOSA certification in Massachusetts, a retired law enforcement officer must first qualify through a training course, but also obtain the proper identification through the agency that they retired from. Oftentimes we have clients who are having difficulty obtaining that identification from their law enforcement agency. We work with the law enforcement agency to get that license or identification issued, and sometimes we have to go to court to force the agency to issue that identification to our clients.

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