Non-Compete Agreements Attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

I want to take a job with a new employer, but I have a non-compete agreement with my current or former employer. What do I do?

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Non-competive agreements can be a problem. They can be a problem because they’re often written very broadly, and that means you are potentially subject to being sued by your former employer. It may also mean that your new employer is reluctant to go forward with bringing you on board. So you need to have that agreement reviewed by a lawyer. Many times these agreements are written so broadly that a court will not enforce them. And so that opens up the opportunity to renegotiate that term. To go to your former employer to say, look you and I both know this agreement is written too broadly. Our lawyers should work on making this more narrow to protect legitimate business interests, but let me go on with my career in my new employer. And so we can help in that negotiation process.

Fairfax, VA employment attorney John C. Cook talks about helping clients negotiate their current non-compete agreements, while seeking new employment.

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