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The most rewarding aspect of my work is being able to assist people in getting through a difficult time. When people come in oftentimes at their initial interview, there are a lot of emotions that are expressed, there’s a lot of the difficulties, many of them, frankly, financial. “How am I going to be able to pay my medical expenses? How am I going to be able to get through a period in time where I cannot work? What am I going to do in the future if I’m not able to do the things that I was able to do before?”
And the most rewarding aspect, really generally for the firm, is being able to assist people and get to the end of that process and have them say, “Wow, that really helped. I got my medical bills paid. We were able to get through the period where I wasn’t able to go to my job as a construction worker, or I wasn’t able to do the day-to-day things that I needed to do as a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a family member generally, or a member of the community.”

And so being able to get that and have people at the end feel like their life is back in place and that this – the injury they’ve suffered is more a bump in the road, hopefully, and not something that is a catastrophic change in everything that goes on in their life.

St. Paul personal injury attorney Marcus Gatto talks about why he enjoys his job and the most rewarding parts of it.

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