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Why Make a Claim to Your Own Insurance Company if You Are Not at Fault

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That’s a very common question that we get when people come in. And there’s often questions about how it will impact their insurance rates. Under the Minnesota No-Fault Statute, an individual first makes a claim for injuries against their own insurance policy, and also for lost wages and, should they come up, replacement services. And the philosophy behind that law is that it allows and individual to get medical attention and to get compensated from lost time from work without taking into consideration who’s responsible for the crash or going through the lengthy litigation of trying to resolve that legal issue.

No-fault payments are unique in that they are made on what we call a rolling basis. A bill is presented by a medical provider to the insurance company, and then it’s paid. Therefore, an individual can seek medical attention immediately after a crash with the knowledge and comfort that regardless of who’s responsible for the crash and regardless of the status of the insurance of the party who may have caused that crash, they’re still going to be able to get medical attention, and should it be required, they’re going to be able to be compensated for time that they lose from work, and if needed, they can be compensated for having to have someone provide assistance to them if their injuries are bad enough.

St. Paul personal injury attorney Marcus Gatto talks about why you should make a claim to you own insurance company even when it is not your fault in a motor vehicle accident case.

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