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Insurance Refusal to Pay Additional Expenses

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In the situation that the individual’s own insurance company or the no-fault carrier following a motor vehicle crash declines or at some point refuses to pay any additional medical expenses, lost wages, or replacement services, the individual has the right to dispute that. This is a very common tactic engaged in by a number of insurance companies to try and limit their payments and how much they spend on an individual’s injury. 

The recourse for that is an individual can apply to go to what’s called no-fault arbitration. And that is a hearing that is handled through the American Arbitration Association. It requires an attorney. And what it is, is a dispute-resolution process with the insurance company to try and force them to pay medical expenses, to pay lost wages and to pay replacement services as are laid out under the terms of the contract the individual has with their own insurance company and under the terms of the Minnesota No-Fault Act.

St. Paul personal injury attorney Marcus Gatto talks about what you should do if your insurance carrier refuses to pay additional medical expenses.

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