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Meet Raymond Boucher

Complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher talks about his love for his job and advice to clients pursuing a case with him.

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I became a lawyer, because I wanted to change the world. I wanted to make the world a better place. The one thing that we get to do as lawyers is decide what we want to be involved in, and in my life, I’ve been fortunate. I’ve represented Cesar Chavez in the Farmworkers’ Union, involving strike violence cases, and did it pro bono. I’ve been able to work for homeless people, I’ve worked for celebrities. I’ve been involved in a whole variety of cases, but many of them have had impacts and effects upon the world.

When somebody comes to me, or to a lawyer, because they’ve been injured or harmed, it’s because they have a broken heart in some way, something has happened to them that has impacted their lives, and they need help. They need a voice at the bar of justice, and somebody who can speak for them, somebody who can fight for them, somebody who can ensure that they find justice.

And so, from my philosophy, and from my standpoint, that’s the thing that I look to at all times, is the wonder and the beauty of being able to be that voice at the bar of justice for somebody, and to fight tenaciously, tirelessly, for our client.

In order to be successful in the courtroom, you have to be authentic. Jurors see through phonies. If I tried to be Jerry Spence, or some other trial lawyer out there, they’d see right through that. I have no sense of humor, I really don’t. And so, if I tried to be funny in a courtroom, it wouldn’t come off right. I am serious, I am concerned, I’m empathetic. And so, when a jury sees that and understands that I care very deeply about my client, and when I’m in front of them, I’m speaking for my client, because I believe in them, because I believe it’s right, I believe it’s just, and I’m asking them to do justice, because it is the right thing to do, that’s the thing that connects me with a jury.

And so, for me, I think the most important thing is to be authentic. Hard work, tenacity, doggedness, but authenticity, the most.

This is hard to understand, but the one piece of advice that I try to give all clients is don’t live your life for a lawsuit. There are no guarantees in the law. The most important thing is for you to live your life and to move on with your life as best you can, and we’ll help you do that. We’ll help you through this. But let us do that work. Do the most important thing for you and your family. Make decisions, not because you think it’s gonna help a lawsuit. Make decisions, because it’s gonna help your family. Make decisions that are going to assist you in moving on in life, no matter what happens, with respect to the case we’re representing you on.

I’ve been practicing law for 30-some odd years. I’ve tried more cases than I can remember. I’ve had the most incredible life as a trial lawyer, because I’ve learned so many things about so many different areas, and had the honor of representing people in all facets of cases. So, my experience has been one of love.

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