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Rewards of the Practice

Minneapolis patent attorney Jim Nelson shares why he enjoys being a lawyer.

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Well, the most – I would say two things. One is to see that a patent that I’ve written and prosecuted covers a commercial product and that commercial product is a success. And I’ve had that. For example, we represent a company called TOLMAR, and TOLMAR is the successor of Atrix Laboratories. And TOLMAR sells this commercial product Eligard, which is a pharmaceutical product for treatment of prostate cancer. And the product lowers the testosterone level of males, and when your testosterone level is virtually zero, it shuts down precancerous cells and cancerous cells in the prostate. So it’s a very effective treatment for prostate cancer. And I’m the guy who patented it for Atrix and now for TOLMAR, and we’re still working on aspects of that. So it’s very successful, and it’s a – it does my heart good to see that things that we do benefit mankind, benefit humans, benefit society like Lipitor. _____ Lipitor, ______ Lipitor does too, but like Eligard does. So that’s number one.

Number two is although I don’t handle much litigation anymore, when I was in litigation, to see that when I present the case to the judge or the jury, that they understand, number one. And number two, they say, “You know what? That’s a good argument. I like that argument. That’s a good one.” So that’s personally pleasurable to me to see that I can make sense to people who don’t necessarily have a deep understanding of all the nuances of pharmaceutical chemistry or polymer chemistry, for example.

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