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Minneapolis patent attorney Jim Nelson discusses reflects on his experience as a patent lawyer.

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My experience as a patent lawyer. I’ve had great experiences as a patent lawyer when I worked on Wall Street for a Wall Street firm Kenyon & Kenyon. I did quite a bit of litigation, I was involved in the litigation of Pharmacia against MedChem. I was involved in a number of other pharmaceutical litigations. My experience has primarily been pharmaceuticals and polymers. I was one of the attorneys representing BASF at Kenyon & Kenyon. And in addition, I handled a number of smaller lawsuits for smaller companies from the Northeast in conjunction, of course, with the partners at Kenyon & Kenyon. When I moved back to the Midwest, I continued that kind of practice and handled portfolios for mid-size and large pharmaceutical companies, as well as chemical companies and handled litigation. These days I do opinions, I do adversarial counseling. I do prep and pros and I do strategic development. We don’t do first-chair litigation here at the Schwegman Firm, but we do provide information, take depositions, provide information and help draft briefs, all that sort of thing for litigation when it’s necessary.

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