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Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner – Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Minneapolis patent attorney Jim Nelson discusses Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner’s coverage of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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Well, our capability is very good. We have a fine staff of chemical and biologically-oriented patent attorneys. We’re all patent attorneys in the chemical and the pharmaceutical and biological areas. The professional degree – technical degree that is typically, except for engineering, is PhD rather than a Bachelor’s Degree. And so most of us here – there are about twenty of us in this group, and almost all of us have PhDs in one sort of science or another, all the way from molecular biology to anatomy to biochemistry to organic chemistry to analytical chemistry. We have several chemical engineers who are fine and in terms of engineering aspects of chemistry and biology. So our capability is very good that way.

Experience wise, we have people who have extreme experiences in the field like I do. I’ve been in the field for 37 years, in the patent field for 37 years. My colleague Warren Woessner has been in the patent field for 36 years. Others of us have been in the patent field for, oh, perhaps 20 years, 25 years, all the way down to we have attorneys who are trainees and have the same kind of technical backgrounds. So we are capable of handling any kind of science technology and the life sciences and the chemistry field that you would want, that you’d throw at us. We have people who have actually practiced in those technical fields. And my view is that we are very good that way. And, of course, it’s the Schwegman Firm. And we have a very unique ability to maintain and manage dockets, keep track of things. We have checklists and double checks to make sure that things don’t fall between the cracks. And it’s a very good practice that way.

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