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The most rewarding part of my practice by far is working with my clients. I love my clients. Immigrants in general in the United States are incredibly hard working, generous, kind people. Our clients, in particular, especially the asylum clients have suffered trauma or other kind of extreme hardship in their country and so, I find my clients incredibly brave. For first, for having survived the trauma and the suffering in their home country and having taken the courage to come to the United States and make the treacherous journey to the United States. And once in the United States to fight for their case and to fight for their children.

One of my mentors in the practice of law is my brother, Andrew Jezic, who is also the owner of this law firm. Andrew has been a mentor of mine probably since I was in high school and he was in college. And when we were both in our early 20s my brother encouraged me to apply to law school. I am incredibly glad that he did. And I’ve been a lawyer for over 20 years now and I recently joined his firm and I’m happy that we’re working together.

First, I do come from a strong academic background. I went to Georgetown undergrad and Harvard Law School and that’s very helpful in the practice of immigration law and in one of the areas that I specialize in, which is appellate law. Because there’s a tremendous amount of reading and writing and understanding complex issues so that has been helpful. Another thing that’s been very helpful to me is that I was a lawyer in other areas for about 15 years before I started practicing immigration law. I was a legal aid attorney in DC and I was also a personal injury attorney. And I worked in a human rights organization in Ecuador for a couple of years. So all of those experiences combine, I think, to help me in my current practice.

Wheaton, MD immigration lawyer Tamara Jezic talks about the most rewarding aspect of her practice and her background/experience.

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