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so the most rewarding aspect about being

a family law attorney although it is a

very thankless job at times is really

seeing your client from the beginning

through the end often you take a case

where you feel like man I don’t know if

I’m ever going to be able to fix what’s

happening in this case but eventually

you you really do get to a point where

you feel like you’ve really helped this

family and helped your client get

through probably what’s the most

difficult uh time in their lives but

more often than not I feel that seeing

my client through the end of the case

seeing that they’ve now gotten the

ability to focus on their family and

their children rather than continuing

through litigation is probably the most

rewarding feeling that you’ve made a



grad so I went to Du for both my

undergrad and for law school I’m a

Colorado Native but I had the benefit of

working after law school at a prominent

Family Law Firm that is actually where I

met Christy and I worked as a paralegal

a few years before Law School in a very

high conflict High litigation practice

and so I had the benefit of learning

client management case management I had

great mentors at that firm and that

really solidified my interest in family

law although I did dabble in some other

things during law school but eventually

decided that this was the path for me so

even though I’ve not been practicing

um you know less than about five years

now I definitely have a lot more

experience than most attorneys that have

been in practice as long as I have just

by way of working as a paralegal in

family law prior to that

Denver, CO family law attorney Chelsea Augelli discusses the most rewarding aspect of her practice as well as her background & experience.

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