Child Support — Modification of Attorney in Denver, Colorado

When can child support obligations be modified under Colorado law?

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so under Colorado law as long as you can

demonstrate a substantial and continuing

change that would result in a 10

increase or decrease in the amount of

support being paid you can modify child

support so that might mean whether a

parent has lost a job and they no longer

have the same income or if another party

has gotten a raise or a significant

bonus and they’re earning substantially

more income or if the parties change the

number of overnights that are being

exercised there are also a number of

other number of other issues that the

court can modify child support that

could be with regard to a change in

health insurance coverage work related

child care if there are extraordinary

expenses that were not maybe previously

accounted for or if something happened

to the child that may require an

additional expense

uh those types of things

Denver, CO family law attorney Chelsea Augelli discusses when child support obligations can be modified under Colorado law. She explains that under Colorado law, child support can be modified if a substantial and continuing change can be demonstrated, resulting in a 10% increase or decrease in the amount of support being paid. Such changes could include a parent losing their job and experiencing a decrease in income, or if the other party receives a raise or significant bonus, leading to a substantial increase in their earnings. Additionally, modifications can be made if there are changes in the number of overnights exercised by the parents.

There are other factors that can also trigger a modification in child support. These include changes in health insurance coverage, work-related child care expenses, extraordinary expenses that were not previously accounted for, or if an unforeseen circumstance arises that requires additional expenses for the child.

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