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Meet John N. Bielski II

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my background is that I started as a

licensed attorney in 1997. I have a

background as a CPA and an MBA I also

hold a managing broker’s license I was

with few firms before 2010 and then 2010

I went out on my own started this firm

with a computer a telephone and a

borrowed desk and I literally had one

closing to my name over the years we’ve

built this practice up to four offices a

large team of

paralegals and administrative staff as

well as attorneys in my former life I

like to say before billski Chapman I did

a heavy amount

of estate planning tax work real estate

and litigation I used to do over 250 tax

returns a year I don’t do taxes anymore

but I felt that that experience was

invaluable because it really built a

background of tax knowledge that is

useful in all areas of my practice

when I’m not practicing law I enjoy

spending time with my wife and son as

you can imagine my son there’s a lot of

time at Cross Country sporting events

school events but the three of us enjoy

traveling overseas I enjoy fishing and

I’m a big fan of board games with

friends and family

Chicago, IL estate planning & probate attorney John N. Bielski II shares his background & experience as well as what he does outside of the office.

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