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the areas of law that bilsky Chapman

practices in is probate and guardianship

law real estate law Estate Planning and

general business transactional and

litigation law as far as probate and

guardianship work we are one of the

larger firms in Illinois as far as

volume of cases and we practice in

almost every County in Illinois and we

have cases pending throughout the United


so when we’re providing our clients with

service we really like to give White

Glove VIP servants to all of our clients

we know that our clients are coming from

all different backgrounds all different

levels of wealth all different walks of

life and we treat every single one of

our clients like a VIP


most of our cases are flat or what’s

considered fixed fee cases these are set

rates that the client knows going into

the engagements however on certain cases

in which that is not practical we will

sit down with the client and explain to

them what the hourly rate would be and

what the proposed budget will be our

goal is that the client knows exactly

what they’re getting into as far as

rates and fees and we want to

communicate our rates to them at all

stages of the engagement an example in

which fees might be flat would be

guardianship by Statute and by rule

judges require that we do that hourly so

those are at a statutory rate and so

that would be an example where we cannot

do a fixed fee some of the more

complicated estate planning engagements

in which we’re doing heavy tax planning

or there is something that is really

unique those are examples where we would

engage on an hourly basis but again in

all those cases we try to put a budget

in place so the client knows what that

rate will be when the engagement is


Chicago, IL estate planning & probate attorneys John N. Bielski II and SJ Chapman discuss the types of cases they handle, the level of service they provide, and how they charge for their service.

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