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How do you find and hire a great business litigator?

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if you want to hire a business litigator

there’s a number of things that you can

do you can certainly you can check their

web page but you know all web pages

they’re going to brag about their

victories and that’s just the way it is


and if they don’t have any significant

victories on their webpage you wonder if

they even have any at all but you can

look at various sources super lawyers is

one source

martindale hubble is another source

there’s a number of these uh sources you

can go to so what you do


you’d find

the people that have the best track

record then you look them up you look at

their website you interview them you

find out if they have their present

capability to do it or if they’re

overworked right now you find out if the

people who have those big wins they brag

about are the same people you’ll be

handling the case for you or

is it gonna be passed down to an

associate or a paralegal you wanna know

who it is because when you pick your

lawyer that is an extremely important


you should not by the way

just go to your neighbor who you know

your neighbor’s a lawyer but he may not

be a business litigator that’s not the

way you hire a lawyer you don’t hire

your cousin you don’t hire your neighbor

you hire the best i help clients find

the best in their specialty

in the community

and then i interview them and i make

sure they have the capability presently

to handle the dispute and are energized

about it when i do that i introduce them

to the client and the client and i and

that lawyer have a conversation

Santa Ana, CA commercial litigation attorney Dan Callahan explains how to find and hire a great business litigator.

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