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How are visitation rights determined?

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new york

does not have

a presumption in favor of equal access


that said

most of the younger

judges that i’m before

will start out with the concept that


custody after the divorce is going to be

equal correct


that is generally the way it’s going to

play out in new york

that said

if i’m representing a client who travels

a lot

or leaves uh his home at 6 00 a.m in the

morning and has dinner with a variety of

his compatriots

i tell that person


why would you even begin

the discussion about equal entitlement

because you’re not going to be able to

exercise it


that generally um

does the trick except for the occasional

person who will say yeah

but my wife

will hate the fact that i’m going to go

for equal

um uh access uh rights and therefore

if we give it up she won’t maybe

be able to uh

find uh the claim for the asset that i

want to protect

and again i say to those clients

that’s crap

we never use custody as a bargaining

chip ever

NYC family law attorney Bernard Clair explains how visitation rights are determined.

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