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How has the Me Too Movement affected your practice?

Fairfax, VA employment attorney John C. Cook talks about how the Me Too Movement has affected his practice.

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The Me Too Movement is a big deal in the law. You know, we’ve had gender discrimination laws on the books for over 50 years, but we still have discrimination in the workplace. And when we talk about Me Too we’re sort of talking about three types of claims. We’re talking about sexual assault in the workplace. We’re talking about sexual harassment, and we’re talking about women who turn down their boss’ sexual advances, and then are punished and retaliated against and their careers are affected.

These are serious claims. We can help with that. We can help get compensation to make up for lost wages. If you’ve been assaulted you may need medical treatment, therapy, and we can help set that up. But most importantly you should not feel that you’re supposed to take it, because that’s not right. If you’ve been wronged, stand up for yourself. Let us help you do that. No one should have to give sex in order to keep their job, and no one should have to be assaulted or harassed in the workplace. And understanding your rights and standing up for yourself are important, but sometimes you need an advocate in your corner, because there is still discrimination in the workplace.

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