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How can you help me set up a franchise?

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well we’ll sit with the franchisor and

we’ll go through all of the uh

information that the franchisor is going

to need to

uh set up the business what we can do

that is not uh you know is typical uh

and that is since i’ve been doing this

for so long and i’ve been on both sides

of the ledger i can tell them not only

what the franchisor is going to uh want

to be uh protected i can also tell them

what a franchisee is going to want to

feel that they’re getting a a a fair

deal i’m also going to

give the franchisor

you know insight into what all those

documents should contain and why not


what the franchisor needs to protect

itself and say this is everything i can

do to give myself the advantage over the

franchisee but also

what we feel is fair what a franchisee

is going to feel they need

because we like to put together a fair

set of documents so that is one of the

key things that i personally make part

of my discussion with the franchisor and

i do tell them if you want to get

everything that you can

to keep the franchisee under your thumb

i may not be the best guy for you if you

want to make a deal that’s fair for you

and fair for the franchisee

i can do that better than probably


New York, NY franchise law attorney Richard L. Rosen explains how he can help you set up a franchise.

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