Expungement Attorney in Washington, DC, District of Columbia

I was pressured into pleading guilty to a crime many years ago when I was only 22. Can I get that off my record?

Washington, DC criminal defense lawyer Christopher J. Mutimer explains how expungement works and why it’s such a good option when available.

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In Washington, DC there’s generally two ways to seal your record of past conviction. There is a public justice, there’s also actual innocence. If your case was dismissed in the past two years or if it’s been two years since your case was dismissed, generally, and there are exceptions, your case can be sealed under a public justice act. This is a statute that’s in Washington, DC that allows an attorney to draft and file a motion and present it to the court and make an argument that for the sake of public justice, your case that you were arrested for should be sealed. It’s something that you want to have a Washington, DC attorney help you with, to sit down with you, learn about the facts of the case, and make sure you’re eligible for this. If this is something that you’re not eligible or you want to look for another way to seal your case there’s also the possibility of sealing your case for actual innocence. This is one of the highest standards that you can seal a case for. It says that you should have your records sealed because you are actually innocent of the charges that you were arrested for.

An example of this is sometimes in domestic violence situations you have two parties who get in an argument and it escalates, it gets loud. A neighbor calls the police and as a result, one of the partners is arrested or both are arrested. This goes over to the prosecutor’s office that night after both individuals have been held and the prosecutor decides to not charge this. Well, unfortunately, even though these people no longer have charges, they have been arrested and as a result, through a motion to seal for actual innocence we can get that arrest sealed. So that new employers, you know, one who is just out there in the world that, you know, might use this against them can find out about it and, you know, in fact, you are innocent of this situation. So having the right to seal that is important. If you’re interested in sealing something related to a case that’s been dismissed or something that you were wrongfully arrested for, give us a call, we’ll help you out.

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