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Can you tell us about a memorable catastrophic injury case you handled?

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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Bill Atkins tells the story of a memorable catastrophic injury case he handled. Several years ago, a case unfolded in Douglas County involving a young man who, just months away from graduating from West Georgia College, experienced a life-altering event. While driving at night, another car crossed the center line, resulting in a severe head-on collision. The young man sustained compound fractures around his ankle joint, a common occurrence in car wrecks where individuals brace their legs against impact.

Despite the excruciating pain and additional injuries, including torn knee and shoulder ligaments, the young man displayed remarkable resilience and refused to succumb to inactivity. Opting to live in the present, he sought his previous position as an assistant manager at Kroger. To complete his education degree, which required school observations, he overcame the challenges of his wheelchair with the assistance of his mother.

This narrative is particularly noteworthy as many legal professionals might have advised against such activities to protect potential damages claims. However, the young man’s proactive approach resonated with the jury during the trial. His determination and refusal to wallow in self-pity garnered respect and favor from the jury.

Despite enduring lasting effects, such as the inability to run again, the young man pursued a career as a teacher specializing in special education physical education. Although unable to demonstrate activities due to his condition, he actively coaches cross country by riding a bike alongside the runners. This story illustrates that perseverance and a proactive mindset can defy the constraints of an injury, positively influencing both one’s life and the outcome of a legal case at trial.

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