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What should I look for in hiring a lawyer?

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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Bill Atkins talks about what you should look for in hiring a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer poses a challenging task, and in today’s information-rich world, individuals are advised to conduct thorough research on potential legal representatives. Prospective clients should exercise caution, considering that every lawyer maintains a website. It is imperative to scrutinize their previous work, trial locations, and trial frequency. It’s crucial to assess settlements beyond face value and determine whether they were fair for the specific cases.

The subsequent step involves interviewing the chosen lawyer. Rather than passively participating in the interview process, clients should seize the opportunity to scrutinize and question the lawyer. A noteworthy observation about trial lawyers is that many who claim this title predominantly settle cases. The ability to go to trial is a valuable skill, and at Worshire Woodward and Atkins, the firm takes pride in its readiness to navigate trial proceedings. Legal professionals unafraid to pursue fair compensation from a jury are recognized by insurance companies and defense lawyers, often resulting in superior outcomes for their clients.

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