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How do you find the best car accident lawyer?

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Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Bill Atkins talks about how you find the best car accident lawyer. Television ads promoting various firms specializing in high-volume cases are familiar to us all. These firms, characterized by fewer lawyers and extensive support staff, efficiently handle smaller cases, recognized by insurance companies and opposing lawyers for their streamlined processes.

In contrast, firms like the one under consideration follow a different structure, avoiding a high caseload. The lawyer currently manages fewer than 20 cases, prioritizing serious and catastrophic injuries resulting from incidents such as car wrecks. In instances of significant injuries or cases requiring court litigation, the importance of lawyers with a manageable caseload becomes paramount, ensuring dedicated attention to each case.

The decision between opting for a high-volume firm or a more specialized one hinges on the nature of the injury. For smaller cases seeking a prompt resolution, a high-volume firm may suffice. However, for serious injuries, especially those involving commercial vehicles, a firm with a smaller caseload, substantial resources, and seasoned lawyers is indispensable for the vigorous pursuit of the case.

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