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What should I do after a car accident?

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if you get in a car accident what you

should do

obviously is pull over

make sure your health is the number one

concern but after that i should try to

get the names of any witnesses you

should exchange information with the

other driver if at all possible getting

their driver’s license and their

insurance take down their license plate

as well take pictures of the site

assuming if you can do it great if you

can’t do it there’s something in the car

who can do it great if not you’re going

back or somebody’s going to go back on

your behalf and take pictures of the

accident scene things change over time

there may be skid marks leading up to

the accident and you take pictures of

that you may measure the skid marks

you’re really

i’m putting too much of a burden on the

plaintiff right now

doing the things at the accident scene

should be done but a lawyer should be

able to

handle the bulk of it but then again

sometimes people don’t hire a lawyer the

next day sometimes they’re in the

hospital in severe condition what should

happen in that situation

have a friend or relative take the

pictures of the site but also have the

friend or relative start a journal

the journal is going to be on this day

this is how the individual felt he’s

pain in the back pain here surgery

happened here this is the medication

he’s on he or she is on

and you have this in-depth journal of

the suffering that the individual went

day by day by day by day

and the reason you do that one it’s a

contemporaneous record and it’s

admissible at trial but two

unfortunately many people when their

depositions taken a year later

don’t really remember the specifics of

the pain they went through

in fact people sometimes tend to block

out the negative

so now it’s really their bad storyteller

if they don’t have that record you need

pictures you need pictures if there’s a

serious accident you want pictures on

the day of on the day of the accident of

the injuries and the next day and the

next day because when you want to

explain to a jury how you suffered a

picture is worth a thousand words

and you can really see it with the black

and blue and the stitches and the cast


so pictures and a journal is what you

should do

Santa Ana, CA commercial litigation attorney Dan Callahan explains what you should do directly after a car accident.

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