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Bike Shop Owner Hit by Car

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This involved a guy coming who had actually worked at a bicycle shop and was riding his bike home, was commuting. It was the evening. And was coming, had the right of way, was coming through an intersection when a car decided to make a left turn in front of him. And basically that car just didn’t see him coming, and hit him really hard.

We find that with bicycle accident cases, some of the challenges that arise are witnesses have different perceptions of speed, and time, and distance. And any expert who works in this field will tell you that that’s the case. And that presented some challenges in this case, as well.

There’s always an issue with bicycle accident cases of what the resources are available to compensate the person for their injuries. In this case, our client had a serious head injury, also had a broken back in the case. We were able to find the resources available through the third party and another source to fully compensate our client before the case went to trial.

Seattle, WA personal injury lawyer Mark O’Halloran talks about a memorable bicycle accident case involving a bike shop owner who was hit by a car. He explains that this case involved a man who had been commuting home on his bicycle after working at a bicycle shop. It was in the evening when he had the right of way and was passing through an intersection. Unfortunately, a car made a left turn in front of him without noticing him, resulting in a severe collision.

Bicycle accident cases often present challenges, particularly when it comes to witnesses’ varying perceptions of speed, time, and distance. This case was no exception, and we had to navigate these challenges.

Another significant aspect of bicycle accident cases is determining the available resources to compensate the injured party. In this particular case, our client suffered a serious head injury and a broken back. However, we were able to identify resources from the third party involved and another source, allowing us to fully compensate our client for their injuries before the case proceeded to trial.

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