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Concussion Misperceptions: Do I need a lawyer if I only had a mild concussion?

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I would say that most people are going to benefit from the advice of an attorney and having an attorney represent them regardless of what their injuries are from a car accident. The insurance companies are evaluating these cases based on the merits of a claim. We find that people who are unrepresented are going to be offered less money than people who are represented by counsel, because that counsel’s going to be able to help them file a lawsuit against the negligent person if the case necessitates going there.

To the question of whether or not a minor concussion warrants having an attorney, we’re learning every day new science and new information about concussions and the effects that they have on a human brain. And these days, I don’t think that there is something that should be called a “minor concussion.” Every head injury is significant, and each person is different in how they react to that. And the treatment protocols may be different for each person. I think that if you have an attorney who understands the science and understands who has worked with doctors and other clients in these areas, that you’re going to be in a much better place for recovering from that injury if you have the advice of counsel.

Seattle, WA personal injury lawyer Mark O’Halloran talks about the importance of seeking an attorney if you’ve been in an accident and have a concussion. He explains that I believe that regardless of the nature of injuries sustained in a car accident, most individuals can benefit from seeking legal advice and having an attorney represent them. Insurance companies evaluate claims based on their merits, and unrepresented individuals often receive lower settlement offers compared to those who have legal representation. Having an attorney can assist in filing a lawsuit against the negligent party if necessary.

When it comes to minor concussions, our understanding of concussions and their impact on the human brain is constantly evolving. Nowadays, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “minor concussion.” Every head injury is significant, and people react differently to them, with varying treatment protocols. By having an attorney who comprehends the science behind concussions and has experience working with doctors and clients in this field, individuals will be better positioned to recover from their injuries. Seeking the advice of counsel can greatly enhance the recovery process.

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