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King Co. Bus Case: Cyclist Injured by Bus

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Bus accident cases are pretty tough. This particular case that I’m going to talk about was a case against King County Metro Bus. It involved a cyclist who was riding her bike on a city street and a bus didn’t follow all of the rules of the road, and pinned the bicyclist in between the curb and the bus, and actually ran over her bike, and she was seriously injured. She had a concussion. She had leg injuries and other injuries.

And from the outset, the defendants denied liability on the case, which forced her into litigation on the claim. Again, this is where I think that our small-firm personality and yet big-firm resources made a difference for our client, in that we were able to take that case all the way through trial, call the witnesses and the doctors that we needed to to help get a good result for our client.

Seattle, WA personal injury lawyer Mark O’Halloran talks about a memorable case in which he went up against a bus company. He explains that bus accident cases can be quite challenging, and the case I’m about to discuss involves a lawsuit against King County Metro Bus. It revolves around a cyclist who was riding her bike on a city street when a bus failed to follow proper traffic rules. As a result, the bus collided with the cyclist, trapping her between the curb and the bus and running over her bike. The accident caused severe injuries, including a concussion, leg injuries, and other significant harm.

Right from the beginning, the defendants denied any liability in the case, which compelled the cyclist to pursue litigation for her claim. This is where the unique combination of our small-firm approach and substantial resources played a vital role in advocating for our client. We were able to take the case to trial, summoning the necessary witnesses and medical experts to present a compelling case and secure a favorable outcome for our client.

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