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Temporary Spousal Maintenance: When and for how long is temporary maintenance awarded?

Seattle, WA family law attorney Franni Turean talks about how temporary spousal maintenance is determined and how long it can last.

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At the beginning of a divorce case if parties cannot come to an agreement on how they’re going to pay their bills and when are the children going to see each parent, that is the time the parties go to court for temporary orders. And that would include spousal support along with child support and parenting plan. A temporary order lasts until a final order is entered, which happens when parties either resolve their case in mediation, or they’ve had to go to a trial and the trial courts says this is what your final orders are. If a spouse is receiving temporary maintenance, that may help or hurt the ability to get the case resolved sooner rather than later. If someone is very comfortable with the amount of maintenance they’re receiving, they are oftentimes they don’t have incentive to settle the case. When they have a reason to settle the case, they’ll settle it faster.

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