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I think one thing that makes our firm different from other law firms is that most of our clients come from former client referrals. I feel that it’s a huge endorsement from former clients to say not only do I trust you to help this person that matters to me, but I also am pleased with what you did for my case and I believe that you can do it again, and again, and again. And I feel like that’s something that you earn over 30 plus years in the business.

We take one case, one client and do whatever is necessary to give that client the best possible legal representation, keeping a eye on the case and moving the case along. Been very much aware of what the client is going through, and if you’re having any problems we’re going to fix the problem immediately. When it comes decision time you’re going to be the one who is going to make a decision on whether you settle your case or not, or whether we litigate the case. So that’s what you can expect from this law firm.

When somebody hires us to work on their case, they’re not just hiring one attorney to handle their case, or they’re not just hiring the paralegal that they might meet with the first time that they come in. The paralegal will be with their case from start to finish, but there will also be a case manager, who is out gathering all the records, bills, evidence to put the case together. There is a legal assistant, who is doing the filing with the court and who is scheduling everything. There is the attorney and the negotiator, who are attempting to settle with the insurance company, and if not possible there is the attorney who goes and litigates the case.

And even once the case is in litigation, I just had one of these this morning. We have attorney’s meetings at least once, but usually twice a month, where we sit down and we go through every case on our attorney’s case list and we round table and discuss those cases, where we have the experience and the brains of six or so attorneys looking at the issues that each case might be presenting.

Understanding the injured client, understanding what they are going through. Not representing the insurance company or corporate America, but representing a person who are experiencing bills that has been sent to collection. Experiencing wage loss, family difficulty. That’s why we evolved and founded Buckley & Associate Personal Injury Law Firm. We do have a lot of clients who come to us, but the ones we do take, we make sure we are 100 percent behind what we are doing and 100 percent for that particular client. That we’re going to give it everything that we can possibly give.

Seattle, WA personal injury attorneys James & Erica Buckley talk about what makes their firm different, the level of service they provide and their team approach.

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