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As a lot of people in my age group, when you’re watching TV, I used to watch the show called Perry Mason as a youngster, and it seems like every time Perry Mason had a case, that somehow they had the wrong guy and Perry Mason would go out and do all of his work, and then after he had finished with all of his work he would successfully defend the wrongfully accused person. So initially my vision was that hey, I’m going to do that for people who actually need help and people who are wrongfully accused of something they didn’t do.

When I see people who are come into this office and they don’t know where to go. They literally don’t, because they have tried everything else. They got bills stacked up. They got fights between spouses. They got kids who need some mama and dad to be putting food on the table. We are going to get to the bottom of your case. You’re going to get a recovery, and so that’s why I went into the law, and that’s what I still believe in.

You got to have courage. You got to have honor. You got to have a sense of duty .You got to have a sense of responsibility. When you are in the courtroom, the jury are able to tell who is sincere and who is not. If you’re going to win a case, you have to open yourself up. You can’t be hiding from the truth or the weakness in your case. You got to open it up and you got to let the jury know that this right here is a problem, but you go and you explain it. You need all of these quality of life that I, as a 18-year-old serving in the Viet Nam war, had to learn honor, duty, courage in order to survive. And so I take that with me right into court.

The reward is sitting there knowing that the person six months, a year ago, in some of the larger cases take two, two years to get it resolved. That the person was in a horrible situation, didn’t know what their future was going to be about. And now because committed employee of this office had put the case together, have gotten the insurance company to pay up. Sometime settled up the case where we don’t even have to go through the trial, because we’ve settled probably about 80 percent of our cases. And the only reason that we can settle those is because the insurance company know that if they don’t pay what is fair, that we’re going to win.

Seattle, WA personal injury attorney James Buckley talks about why he became a lawyer and what it takes to be successful in the courtroom.

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