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Construction Site Accidents: A Case of Hidden Danger

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The construction site people, they created a manhole and they just covered it with some tarp, and still putting up signs or driving something over it, putting boards or something. They put this little tarp over the top and a lady is going out looking at some lots to order a house to be built. She fell inside of that manhole, ripped up her shoulder, broke a leg and all sorts of other injuries that she had. That’s just plain negligent for them to have done that. And so we was able to bring lawsuit and force them to pay up. That’s not a true construction type accident, where the worker himself is injured. We have done some of those as well, where the worker is injured on a piece of equipment, or if safety wasn’t done. You can’t sue your own employer, but if there is a subcontractor who was negligent, then we would turn around and sue the subcontractor and recover for the client. So we’ve had some cases like that too.

Seattle, WA personal injury attorney James Buckley talks about a memorable construction site accident involving an unmarked, open manhole. He explains that at a construction site, a grievous act of negligence occurred when workers covered a manhole with a flimsy tarp, failing to properly secure it or provide adequate warning signs. Unfortunately, a woman who was visiting the site to explore potential lots for building a new house fell into the uncovered manhole. This horrendous incident resulted in severe injuries, including a torn shoulder, a broken leg, and various other harm. The workers’ actions were completely reckless and inexcusable.

Taking swift action, we filed a lawsuit against those responsible for this incident, compelling them to be held accountable for their negligence. This particular case differs from typical construction-related accidents where the worker themselves sustains injuries. In such instances, we have also represented workers who have been harmed due to equipment malfunctions or safety lapses. While employees cannot sue their own employers, if a subcontractor is found to be at fault, we pursue legal action against the subcontractor to secure compensation for our clients. We have handled several cases of this nature as well.

The incident involving the uncovered manhole served as a clear example of the dire consequences that negligence can inflict on innocent individuals. Our unwavering dedication to seeking justice for our clients drove us to pursue the necessary legal recourse, ultimately compelling those responsible to provide the compensation our client deserved.

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