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How did you start your law firm?

New York, NY franchise law attorney Richard L. Rosen shares the story of how he started his law firm.

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i was uh very young

i uh

been working for my father’s firm my

father had a heart attack before i

started so he wasn’t there

i was there for about five or six months

my dad came back

and about three months later

he called me into his office one day and

he said dick i haven’t been feeling that


it’s cold up here in new york

i think i’m going to retire i think i’m

going to move down to florida with mom

where it’s nice and warm

what do you want to do

you can stay here and work for my

partners lou and irwin they’d love to

have you

i can get you a job

in any law firm in new york

corporate whatever you want to do i can

get you a job there

what do you want to do

well i had about you know 15 seconds to

plan the rest of my life so

i thought about it and i said well i’ll

tell you dad you know i’ve been pretty

good at what i’ve done

in my life

i think i can do this

i think i want to start my own law firm

my father looked at me said

okay let’s see um

you’ve been practicing for about seven


you have no idea what you’re doing

and you have no clients

are you crazy

and true story and i said well you know

i’ll tell you dad

i think i can do it but there’s

something else

look it’s been great working for you and

i love working for lou and irwin but i

think i learned something

i don’t think i’m really

suited to work for anybody else

i think i have to make my own decisions

i think i have to do it my way

i think that’s just my nature


i think that’s where i’m headed that’s a

long time ago i set up my own firm

shortly thereafter

and i’ve been doing it ever since

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