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What are the various types of business entities and structures available to me?

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well we like to set up a structure

that includes a variety of different

entities in terms of the structure

i like to have a holding company that

really does nothing other than own the

various entities which are usually

subsidiaries so then we usually set up

subsidiaries that would include uh an

entity that maybe uh manages your

various entities we usually set up a

subsidiary that covers the intellectual

property uh we may set up a subsidiary

that actually sells products if you’re a

franchisor and selling products in terms

of the nature of the entities uh

partnerships are used but not as

frequently as as they as they once were


limited liability companies or

s-corporations are the most likely ones

that are used primarily reasons that

they give you flexibility and they also

have what we call pass-through from a

tax basis so

llcs corporations holding company and uh

different subsidiaries for all aspects

of the business because it gives you

more flexibility both with respect to

your accounting and also if you want to

sell off a unit or bring in a partner to

operate one part of your units

New York, NY franchise law attorney Richard L. Rosen talks about the various types of business entities and structures available.

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