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Appeals and Insurance Coverage

How does appellate advocacy differ from trial practice?

What is the best way to work with an appellate advocate?

In your appellate practice, do you work directly with clients or associate with trial counsel?

Why is a “fresh look” at the case important in taking on an appeal?

Is there a difference in how an appellate court views the case versus how the trial court views it?

Are all appellate courts the same? What are the differences in a Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, specialty courts and federal courts of appeal? 

What advantages do you see in working with an appellate advocate?

Your name appears as the lawyer on a lot of family law appeals. What has drawn you into the family law area?

What types of things trip lawyers up if they are not familiar with the appellate practice?

How do you charge for appeals? Is it all hourly work? Do you do any flat rates or success fees?

How do you weigh the cost/benefit analysis of appealing a decision?

How do you prepare for an oral argument?

If you are considering an appeal, what should you focus on in the post-trial motions?

What should lawyers do to make sure they preserve the issue properly for appeal?

What are mandamus and interlocutory appeals?

What does it mean to certify a case on appeal and how do you handle that process?

Kay Hunt’s appellate experience – handled over 600 appeals.

What work do you do in the area of insurance coverage?

What is it about insurance coverage that you enjoy doing?

When you teach appellate law, what are the key things you want your students to leave your classroom understanding?