Commercial Litigation Appeals Attorney in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Minneapolis, MN appellate lawyer Kay Nord Hunt talks about her overall experience handling appeals in her career.

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I started practicing appellate work in 1982 after clerking for a year for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in Milwaukee. I was very lucky in my career in that I was able to get into the courtroom right away in my practice. The Minnesota Court of Appeals came into existence in 1983, so I always said I kind of grew up with the Minnesota Court of Appeals, handling cases really from the very start of my career. And over my career, I mean it’s just expanded into all different kinds of areas, from handling tax cases to workers’ compensation to personal injury to insurance coverage to medical malpractice to legal malpractice. I probably handled in every civil arena. I do not handle criminal cases by choice, but I’ve handled probably every kind of civil case at this point.

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